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Orthopaedic Surgeon First Hand

We begin to search the internet to find definitions or "key" phrases. 

We stumble across the definition of a surgeon:

A person who has been trained/educated in the diagnosis of pre-operative,

operative and post-operative treatments relating to the musculoskeletal system. 

But yet we find ourselves not fully understanding what it really takes to become an Orthopaedic surgeon. 

Yes there is the 5 year Residency program, 4 year Orthopaedic surgery training,

1 year in general surgery, pediatrics or internal medicine

plus the Board requirements but what after. 

What really happens on the floor, at the office and in surgery. 

To be an Orthopeadic surgeon, You must live, sleep and breathe Orthopaedics. 

Nabil Ebraheim, MD

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